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pimp [28 Feb 2004|07:01pm]
[ mood | high ]

everyone always asks me how my ass live in the ghetto but i drive 2005 Civic. my ride is the best in the fuckin hood ya erd? it really is everyone else on my block either walks or rides a stolen bicycle or drive a shitty car but i got a pimp ass brand new civic. well thats cause i got connexions dogg, you know? my bitch is straight up paid for cause of a local rapper i cant mention his name though. but yeah dogg thats how i got the hook up wit that shit. ride on nigga roll out!


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bump and get bumped bitch [28 Feb 2004|12:40am]
[ mood | high ]

Earlier today (actually i guess its yesterday now, ya 'erd?) i was just drivin through the hood, you know you know..anyway i get out the hood and im drivin on the INTERSTATE. anyway the traffic was real bad and i was movin like 2 inches per minute. anyway while im stopped with the rest of the shit bitch ass traffic this little punk ass white boy thought itd be funny to start gently slamming his shit punk ass white car into my bumper. the first time i thought it was an accident so all i did was flipped him off. but then as we moved an inch or so the bitch did it again. since we were stopped i put on my emergency lights. thats right you little bitch, you fucked now! i get out my 2005 Civic and start walking towards his car. i see the little bitch gettin all nervous and shit. i got up to his window and knocked. the little ho wouldnt roll his window down so fortunately his car was unlocked. well by this time i was furious at first i was just gonna talk shit but since he had his window up and he wasnt rollin it down anytime soon i had to talk with my fists. i beat the fuck outta the kid in his own car and i must say it was pretty fucking funny. bitch ass ho. i fuckin pimped slapped the boy, no lie. then i got back in my 2005 Civic and rolled out. nigga knew betta than to fuck wit me from that point on. Ho.

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my first time [26 Feb 2004|02:06pm]
[ mood | high ]

yo aint nothin too much been goin on down in the ghetto ya know? i aint really got shit to talk about so ima just reminise for a while and talk about the first experience me and my niggas had with a g'd up ghost.

it was a little over a year ago dogg, and like I said a few posts down we was in a graveyard tryin' to get all our niggas that died in da smoke to rep they city. well the next day (actually it was the next night dogg) we was passin by that very same cemetary. all of us stopped dead in our tracks cuz the area we was at just suddenly went from like 85º to 30º. I was like wat tha fuck yo?!?! so i got my boy jimmy to pass me the blunt cause i could have sworn i had just heard a voice as well and i needed a hit BAD!!! next thing I know when i get the blunt its like more than halfway gone. since Jimmy was first to smoke it im like "jimmy, wat tha fuck dogg, you smoked this much without passin?" hes like no dogg, im sorry i swear i didnt. The little pussy looked scared out of his mind. so needless to say i made sure my ass got at least 15 hits right on the spot of that pure fiya shit cause god damn a nigga needed to be blowed! as we stood there in the now 30º cold, we stared off into the old cemetary where all our favorite smokin' niggas was buried. we saw a young nigga, prolly in his 20's just walkin about for like a split second, then that nigga was gone.

that shit was crazy dogg, ever since then we been seein ghosts and shit.
now pass that shit motherfucker.

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im from the ghetto. i steal your tv. [25 Feb 2004|01:43pm]
[ mood | high ]

everything has been good in the hood as of lately, there has only been like 4 shootings (4 deaths) in the past 2 days. it seems that there has been my niggas spirits roamin about the ghetto streets all day these past few days. Niggaz Wit Apparitions has been in full effect. Yo, i just got back from my nigga Drake's house and he got this fiya ass big screen TV. i dont know how the fuck he got this bitch cause the nigga is broke as fuck, he's 23 and got no job but its straight. i think he might have robbed some family which is straight cause he got the TV and somehow he obviously got dat skrilla.

but yo this shit is pretty fly today i dont know what the fuck it was kinda a long night last night. im tryin to stay away from all the supernatural shit around here cuz im a real nigga, you know? i gotta stand up and defend my life i cant be all into findin my dead niggas spirits and shit. oh well tonight we thinking about diggin up some niggas, peace!

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a see dead thugz you fuckin bitches!! [25 Feb 2004|01:15am]
[ mood | high ]

Oh shiiiiittt bra! me and 2 of my niggaz decided to smoke a blunt or two then go out and ghost hunt in the St. Luis Cemetary. So we smoked a blunt, hopped in Jama's hoopty, and rolled out. we smoked a second blunt the whole way there which by the way i am still most def feelingf! yo, when we got their it was barely rainin outside, and you know how it be, us niggaz hate the rain! but it wasnt too bad so we parked on side the street. we walked into the cemetary. we walked and walked for awhile and didnt see shit. then we decided we gotta start being more direct wit these dead niggaz. our boy Roofie was shot killed in mothafuckin cold blood about 2 years ago and we wanted to talk to that nigga. so we was walking round da cemetary for about 3 minutes tellin Roofi yo get yo bitch ass up. Rep yo city mothafucka, nahh mean? so after those few minutes we lit up a pre-rolled jiiizzzoooiint. that was shit fiya. we figured tonight if we really wanted to see a tgrue smoker like Roofi we betta be blowed ass high. so we walking around this bitch and next thing we know we was turnin around and we saw my nigga Roofi just standin there and shit. at first i thought there was fog rollin around in front of him but then i noticed there was a thick cloud of smoke in front of him, smelled like weed smoke. he looked sad. we was like fuck this shit its too depressing and we started to leave. just as soon as Roofi was there yo, just as soon he disappeared. crazy shit. we smoked a bit all the way back to da hood and now ima get my camera ready so i can go take pictures of my dead naggaz tomorrow. crazy night. peace.

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1st warrrrrrrdd rep [24 Feb 2004|04:49pm]
[ mood | high ]

whut up wat up it's me and I'm jus chillin right now in dat dirrty dirrty. yo im goin out to get crunk tonight wit a few of my nigga's so I don't think they gonna be any ghost huntin tonight since it be Mardi Grass 04 and shit, but yo I got a story to tell.

Last night me and my nigga Jama was comin back from this lil party at my nigga Gerald's house. i had been talkin to this fine ass shawty at the party and we was in the back seat of Jama's car while he was drivin, makin the magic happen like only a nigga like me could do, you know you know.. anyway, he pulls off on side the road. i get up, cause i was kinda slunched down in the seat obviously and im like Jama wat tha fuck!?!? any nigga in his right mind aint just gonna pull over to the side of the road in the ghetto when it aint ya hood, you know? thats how you get yo bitch ass clapped! anyway he tells me he thinks he saw like a shadow or some shit. im like look nigga, we been smokin dro all night and we been drinkin a bit too dogg, you aint seen shit. next thing we knows is we hear knocks on the trunk of his car. we looked back and we aint seen shit knockin though! im like fuck Jama, ytou done killed somebody AGAIN and stuffed they body in the trunk or somethin? AT LEAST MAKE SURE THEY DEAD NIGGA! Hes like hell no, it was the fuckin shadow i saw walkin and shit!

so we like fuck it, drive off, and i fuck ole' shawty in the back seat.

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aint no spook gonna fuck wit da NWA!!! that fo damn shure! [23 Feb 2004|02:43pm]
[ mood | high ]

well I got a story to tellt hat happened late last night. me and a few of my niggas was up around 2:30 in the morning playin bball at a court outside. there was a little graveyard across the street from the court too. a few of my boys died and is buried in there by the way, rest in piece donavin, peedy, shawty, latoya, and the rest of my niggas. Anyway right after im all stuntin cause i just dunked the ball into the ghetto goal, some old man comes from out of nowhere and bumps into me. i turn around and look at him and im like "nigga wat tha fuck!!!!" it wasn't a question, it was a demand! i wanted to know what this old bitch ass nigga was doin. "im sorry to bother you young man but do you have a dollar to spare?" he said. "a dolla? a fuckin dolla? look at me bitch look where im from, you think i got a dolla to spare for yo broke bitch ass? Nigga the new shoes i want cost a dolla and i just put them bitches on layaway! fuck you old man!" the man turned around sadly and slowly began to creep off. all my boys where laughin histerically. next thing we know the guy turns around again and begins glarin at us. i swear to god he just straight up disappeared right in front of our eyes! it was crazy shit!!! I swear I smoked bout 2 blunts wit all my boys after that and today ive been drinkin all day. fuck that nigga, i aint fuckin wit no spooks!

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The NWA!!! [23 Feb 2004|01:46pm]
[ mood | high ]

whut up my nigga's it's ya boy up in the N.O. reppin I finally got a computer or whatever this bitch is. yesterday i had to rob some nigga round da block and steal his tv screen so i can plug it into my computer thing i think they call it the CPU. all we do up round here is rep and smoke dro. Yo, anyway im here to write about all my stories in my clan called the NWA. We got started bout a year ago 'cause all our niggas was dyin in the ghetto and we wanted them to still be here to rep, so we like fuck dat shit! We went out to a graveyard one night and started diggin up niggas graves tellin' them to rep they city. Ever since that night we been seein ghosts and huntin our niggas ghosts and shit and we been callin ourselves NWA- Nigga'z Wit Apparitions. an apparition is like a ghost by the way my nigguh. times is hard up in the ghetto streets of n.o. Anyway I just wanted to holla right quick and rep and all dat so word up ill be back lata wit some more shit.

N.O. reppin fa lyfe nigga'z ya gotta recognize ya erd?

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